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The key ingredients to kitchen management

When you get it right, good kitchen management can be the making of your hospitality business. It’s not just about producing great food either.. we understand that you have to think long term about managing your team and retaining your talent. So what are the key ingredients to effective kitchen management? Here’s our list:



This doesn’t just mean being in charge…a good team needs positive leadership from management and chefs – Learn about yourself and your management style, and try to be aware of the importance of leading from the front. Training is important for all staff but don’t forget, kitchen managers can benefit from training too. It may be wise to invest in management training for key kitchen managers



Knowing what creates a great team: time can be limited in a busy kitchen but it’s important to take a step back to see what works and what doesn’t work. Do you know how to build trust and rapport with your team and between team members? Can you deliver staff feedback in a positive way? It helps to create team development plans



Communicating effectively with your team is essential to success. But do you maintain this on an ongoing basis? Make it part of the routine and don’t forget to include day-to-day coaching and training. Improving your communication skills can also help you to manage difficult conversations within your team



You need to know your team so that you understand how to get them behind you to drive the business. If you get it right in terms of leadership, teamwork and communication, then you’re well on your way! Just make sure to share team goals so that everyone understands what you are working towards.


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