5 reasons why recruitment is so important for the hospitality sector

Recruitment often seems like a huge challenge for the hospitality sector, and coming across these statistics from London Loves Business brought home to me the reasons why in the future, it will become even more challenging.


  1. By 2020, an estimated 475,000 to 660,000 new hospitality jobs are forecast for the UK.
  2. The hospitality sector creates jobs for one in fourteen of us.
  3. We will need an estimated 133,700 more hospitality sector managers and these are the hardest vacancies to fill, alongside chefs, who are also in desperately short supply.
  4. A lack of good talent can have a major impact on business, hitting performance by as much as 32% or increasing operating costs by up to 31%.
  5. Lack of good talent can also increase your business operating costs by up to 31%.


So having a robust recruitment process has never been so important in order to win the fight for talent. If you need in-house support or training to strengthen your recruitment process, contact info@francesgillespie-hr.com

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