How To Create Great Leaders For Your Kitchen Team

Staff retention: 3 key ways to keep your chefs

Given how hard it is to recruit enough chefs, it’s vital to make sure you are doing all you can to keep them once you have them!  It’s no secret that the hospitality sector could be facing a chronic shortage of staff in the future – particularly with the Brexit implications on EU workers. So now is the time to plan for putting staff retention top of your list. To help you along, we’ve outlined 3 things you can do to keep your chefs on board:

1.       Most important of all is to remember that your Head Chef is not just a culinary creative, s/he is also the manager of your culinary team.  Cooking skills aside, you can help them run this team more easily and more effectively by offering them management training. This has several advantages: you are more likely to keep your Head Chef if you are helping them to do their job better; you are also more likely to retain your other chefs if their manager is better skills and able to lead his/her team.

2.       Provide in-house training and development for all your hotel, bar or restaurant staff: Training can cover areas like Positive Performance Management, Handling Disciplinary and Grievance issues, and Appraisals that – all of which will strengthen your team and its performance and minimise future potential problems.

3.       Develop and implement positive workplace policies which aim to support hospitality staff and avoid crises e.g. induction programmes for all new staff – so they are clear about what is expected of them; structured opportunities for staff feedback; clear promotion paths/prospects??

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