Getting the most from your staff: Performance Management

Getting the best out of your staff is a constant ongoing process, and a major part of HR management for every hospitality business. We all know how pressurised it gets at peak times in our industry, so we need to ensure everyone pulls together and can go that extra mile to keep your hotel, bar or restaurant customers happy.  To make things a little easier, it helps to put the right systems in place to manage staff performance. The main areas to cover include the following:

  • Engaging your employees
    It’s possible to minimise problems from the start by engaging with your staff in a positive way. We can help you create positive performance management processes across all aspects of your bar, restaurant or hotel. This is the most effective way to create commitment and motivation which improves both retention and customer service.
  • Discipline
    Disciplinary issues can be costly, time-consuming and stressful to manage. At Frances Gillespie HR, we provide cost-effective and speedy solutions to often complicated disciplinary issues. We understand you need to respect the law involved in disciplinary matters, but that your business must benefit in the long-term. We can guide you through it all, step-by-step, by examining all your options, assessing the risks and benefits of each route, and evaluating the cost benefits to you.
  • Managing long-term absence or sickness
    You can manage long-term absence or sickness more effectively by integrating the way you do this with your existing company policies. We can help you to establish and maintain absence management systems, by finding the right tools and techniques to fit the way your hospitality business works.

We can offer you our support in setting up and running these kinds of performance management systems and we can step in to help you with the trickier performance issues. Just call us on 0203 217 4497 or email



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