Employee Surveys – 3 reasons why they are a good idea:

You may feel  you have your finger firmly on the pulse of your hospitality business and that you don’t need any further feedback. Think again! There are 3 strong reasons why your bar, hotel or restaurant could benefit from a staff survey:
1. The majority of your employees deal directly with your customers: they are the face of your business. They may have valuable insights into what makes your customers happy AND what drives them away.
2. Your staff are instrumental in making or breaking your company’s reputation. Ensuring they are happy will increase employee retention and improve employee engagement, and a survey can identify any potential problem areas.
3. Implementing a staff satisfaction survey is a visible and transparent way of showing your employees that you value their contribution and opinions.
Take some time on forming the best questions to ask to get honest feedback from your staff and don’t forget to leave some open-ended questions for the things you may have omitted.

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