Stop staff problems from becoming serious disciplinary issues:

No one really wants problems with an employee to escalate as far as a disciplinary process, if at all possible. It’s stressful, time consuming, and can affect morale at your hospitality business. The smart thing to do is to take steps now, starting with these three:

  1.  Give every employee a copy of their contract, outlining terms & conditions and house rules; make sure new employees have one before they start work. You are legally obliged to do this… If you have an employee handbook, make sure everyone has a copy of this too.
  2. Nip minor misdemeanours in the bud by having a quiet word first. If the conduct persists issue a letter of concern – keep a Template letter on hand for such occasions. This letter does not have to be a warning of any kind but will act as a record of the matter discussed and how it needs to be addressed by your employee. If the conduct persists further, then you can issue a formal warning, to see if that resolves the situation.
  3. Review new employees regularly during probation to iron out issues, improve retention and deal with unsuccessful hires early and without complication. Make sure all new employees attend a final review meeting to confirm a successful probation or extend its period. Issue a letter summarising the meeting and confirming the outcome.

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