Guiding your staff through the peak Christmas season

We’re approaching the busiest and potentially most stressful few weeks of the year in the hospitality business. We all know how important it is to look after our customers in a special way at their favourite work bash of the year, and to cope with all the other Christmas and New Year revellers.

Naturally, we call on our staff to pull out all the stops and up the ante to deliver the service that keeps people coming back. It pays to look after our team at this peak time, and you can easily show appreciation for their effort, and get your team firmly behind you through the season. Little things go a long way:

• make sure that there are enough staff on duty to let people have a sensible break
• make sure people take their breaks
• give them the opportunity to get something to eat and drink on a long shift
• offer staff drink at the end of the shift
• the promise of a staff Christmas party when the madness has ended is a great boost
• most importantly praise and thank you go a very long way.

Don’t forget – January is a time when a lot of hospitality staff look for a new opportunity and a change. Make sure that your team are looking forward to another great year working for you instead of someone else……

And finally…..Happy Christmas!

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